Friday, June 13, 2014

Tuesday (and/or) Wednesday Night Football

The NFL is a juggernaut.

Rival leagues have virtually no chance against it.

However, there is no need for a second tier football league to go against the NFL or to go to the Spring or overseas.

I picture a second tier league in cities underserved by major pro sports as a compliment to the NFL, even as an affiliate.

So, to cities like Portland, Omaha, Sacramento, Birmingham, Orlando, San Antonio, Memphis, Salt Lake City, Tulsa, Norfolk,  Hartford, and others ... NFL2.

The Plan:

- 10 teams keeps league small
- 8-10 weeks/games, leaning toward 8 where in two five team division teams simply play their own division home and home, minimal travel as a result cuts costs and could create some rivalries
- teams form in the weeks after final NFL cuts while players are most game fit and ready and can get to speed quickly with a 10 day camp prior to first game
- season, including playoffs, runs from weeks 5 to 15 of the NFL season
- games played on Tuesday and Wednesday nights so as to not conflict with NFL coverage or college football
- games broadcast on NFL network and other NFL contracted networks or on cable channels eager to do business with NFL as well as other platforms
- single division top 3 in playoffs with top seed getting bye and 2nd seed hosting 3rd in one game to face the top seed the following week or two divisions with no wild cards and the top division winner hosting the other division winner
- bye week allows for two weeks of ticket sales for championship
- NFL teams can send/assign players
- NFL affiliation offers legitimacy other start up leagues have struggled with
- traditional football season
- schedule takes away potential stadium and television conflicts