Sunday, June 08, 2014

Brad Pitt

At the Maleficent premiere Brad Pitt was attacked.  Apparently, he is fine.  The guy who did it has done crap like this before.

I work in a role at various conventions and events with celebrity guests where I manage a staff of volunteers and work with security to keep fans in line.

At first I kind of wanted to joke as we were heading to see Maleficent that I hoped it was good, because of the Pitt situation.  I had all sorts of jokes about whether it would be good enough or bad enough to attack someone over.

Then, I looked at what I had noted and realized if I was joking about crap like that I should be fired from what I do.

The fact that Pitt is fine does not change that this is awful and dangerous and is a reminder of why we do what we do to keep fans in line.

One person doing something crazy or stupid and someone could get hurt or worse.

Nothing is funny about what happened to Brad Pitt.