Saturday, December 02, 2006

Top Ten Songs of 2006 (at least I think so) ...

2006 Top Ten Lists ...

A Top Ten List of movies would be pretty easy, since that would just be the movies I went to that I liked.

A Top Ten List of CD’s would be hard, because I would need to listen to entire CD’s and I don’t get that many.

A Top Ten List of songs ... I can do. There are times when I miss working for music magazines, where I can indulge myself like this in print. In honor of the memory of my long-haired rock journalist days, I offer up this bit of self-indulgent fluff.

See, this year there were a number of releases from artists that I really like. But, I am sticking to songs that were released in 2006. Songs released in 2005 that I liked in 2006 don’t count for the purposes of this list. As a result, Disturbed and Paradise Lost don’t qualify. There are good songs on many releases this year from artists I like that don’t make this list for various reasons having to do with having been good overall CD’s without a standout song or that the songs just weren’t as good as older songs. It happens.

10 – “Come Clarity” – In Flames – (Come Clarity)

9 – “Ignition” – Trivium – (The Crusade)

8 – “Shine Down” – Godsmack – (Godsmack IV)

7 – “The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg” – Iron Maiden – (A Matter of Life and Death)

6 – “Goodbye” – Army of Anyone – (Army of Anyone)

5 – “Wicked, Ornry, Mean, and Nasty” – Knut Bell – (Wicked, Ornry, Mean, and Nasty)

4 – “I’m American” – Queensryche – (Operation: Mindcrime II)

3 – “4,500 Saturdays” – Ruby Dee and the Snakehandlers – (North of Bakersfield)

2 – “Our Truth” – Lacuna Coil – (Karmacode)

1 – “Through Glass” – Stone Sour – (Come What(ever) May)

This list is pretty much my normal rock fan coming out, but there are a couple of numbers from Seattle artists I go swing dancing to an awful lot. The list excludes songs released in 2006 from U2, Aerosmith, The Swains, Jet, Killswitch Engage, Def Leppard, Johnny Cash, Black Label Society, Unearth, The Haunted, The Killers, Chris Cornell, Pearl Jam, Audioslave, Shadows Fall, Slayer, and Evanescence - among others - that if I expanded the list to a Top Twenty or a Top Forty would have made it.

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