Monday, July 16, 2007

It is hot because of the cat ...

It is hot because of the cat ...

I have lived in my apt for the past couple summers without having any problems from the summer heat we periodically get.

Until this year.

All I have had to do is leave open the bedroom window with the screen in place on one side of the house and open the sliding glass door with the screen door closed and house remains comfortable. (The shade from the trees in back doesn't hurt either.)

And then a couple weeks ago that little gray haired bundle of joy known as tiger discovered that he could open the screen. Now, he won’t stay away from it.

Lock it? Can’t.

Block it off? Hasn’t worked yet.

Throw stuff at him when he goes near it? Works as long as I am paying attention to the door, but not while watching movies or if I should need to leave the room for any reason.

And so, it is sweltering in my apartment lately.

Yes Tiger, I am pointing the finger at you.

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