Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Letter To Myself Of Ten Years From Now ...

A Letter To Myself Of Ten Years From Now ...

While flying to Europe in June of 1990 I wrote myself a letter.

The letter was a hello to myself with a list of goals and the like set to be opened ten years hence, in 2000. I am known as a fairly goal oriented guy, one that does not function well without a clear set of goals or something fairly specific to work for. This letter was sort of like a time capsule of goals.

I managed to save the letter over the years and in fact had it ready to be opened on June 16, 2000 and did so.

For the most part I remembered writing the letter, but without going into too much detail it was still kind of an interesting read. A couple things actually surprised me. In retrospect, it was kind of fun to do.

Given that this is the last week of my thirties it seems like a good idea to do this again. So, I am penning myself a letter to open the last week of my forties.

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