Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sporting Events I Have Yet To Experience ... (Ephemera Project)

Sporting Events I Have Yet To Experience ... (Ephemera Project)

Actually, this is more the end result of the Ephemera Project.

Ten Sporting events I have yet to attend - in no particular order ...

1) A professional tennis match. I would settle for an exhibition even since there aren’t any tour stops around here.
2) A PGA Tour stop. I have been to the final round of a Senior PGA event - even saw Arnie - but not to a regular PGA Tour stop. I am really kicking myself for missing the PGA a few years back.
3) A NASCAR Cup race. I would like to see a full-blown Cup race at a major track. Having watched a NASCAR 3D IMAX film I have to imagine that it would be a fun day to see the real big name drivers in a real top-flight race. There are those that don’t really consider this to be a sport, but so be it for my purposes.
4) A World Series game. I would settle for a Divisional or ALCS, because I have never seen post-season baseball in person.
5) A Rose Bowl. I have been to a minor college bowl game and it was cool, but I missed both Coug appearances over the past decade. I need to do this. I also need to see the Cougs play a road game somewhere other than just in Seattle (This goes for Hoops too).
6) A Super Bowl. Again, I have not seen a post-season NFL game and would settle for a Wild Card game at this point.
7) A Stanley Cup game. Given that I haven’t even been to a regular or pre-season NHL game, this is a bit of a reach. Vancouver games are brutal to try and get tickets to, but I have not expended nearly enough effort in order to accomplish this. A trip to Boston or New York at the right time of year could also make this happen.
8) A Liverpool match. I would love to see a regular season match at Anfield. I would love to see any match at Anfield for that matter. I would love to see Liverpool in a friendly here in the states.
9) An AFL game. I have watched minor league arena football – which seems redundant on its face – but not an Arena Football League game.
10) Summer Olympics. I have been to the winter games, but not the summer games. Seattle should have bid for a winter games, not tried to host a summer event it doesn’t have nearly the infrastructure to support. I really don’t care what the event would be.
11) Boston (or New York) Marathon. I would run this (these) and not simply watch.
12) WWE Monday Night RAW. If NASCAR can be on this list, so can the WWE. I have seen shows, but never been to a live Monday Night RAW.
13) College World Series. A trip with my brother to watch baseball for several days would be fun.
14) Spring Training. The games themselves really aren’t much, but it would be cool to go to Arizona (or Florida) and hang out a few days.
15) NFL Training Camp. I would actually find it really interesting to attend and watch for a day. How I have never made it to Cheney or Kirkland is beyond me.
16) A CFL game. Given that Vancouver has a hugemongous stadium and is so close, this is kind of unforgivable.
17) Fenway Park or Wrigley Field (or both). It would also be an excuse to check out Boston or Chicago. I have managed to witness a game at Yankee Stadium and would not mind seeing a game at Dodger Stadium either.

There are others that come to mind. However, I have been fortunate enough to have been to four World Cups, a Winter Olympics, a Final Four, a Yankees game, Opening Day two times, and Wrestlemania XIX so I have little room to complain.

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