Friday, March 12, 2010

That looked familiar

And not in a good way.

Seattle Sounders FC 0
Portland Timbers 1
Community Shield Match
3-11-10 Qwest Field

A crowd of over 18K showed up on a school night in March, which is a bigger crowd than at least a couple MLS teams will get this year, and the Sounders FC go for a 2nd consecutive game without scoring on D2 opposition.

Yes, it is preseason.

But, c'mon ... possession doesn't matter at all without some finishing.

This Timbers team was terrible, their defenders kept kicking the ball up in the air as often as with any sense of direction. It was exciting to see the SSFC go for it and pound away, but this was simply an awful result.

Only two weeks til the opener and much like last year I think that if the boys get an early goal they will win going away, but if they don't they get tight when teams bunker down and stop playing soccer the way Portland did last night.