Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Friendly Of Sorts

Seattle Sounders FC 3
CD Marathon 1
CONCACAF Champions League Group Phase
Seattle, WA - CLink Field
October 24, 2012

A game that technically counts towards the standings, but not really since nothing can change Seattle already clinching.

A game that actually has consequence in the seeding for the next round, even if not for the actual qualification.  That is pretty important.

So, in the ECS section for the first time in a while I went. Lost my voice by the 31st minute. Enjoyed getting a chance to welcome back big Marcus.  I yelled, "Yo Adrian!" and he turned and acknowledged it.  Shook Sigi's hand after the game. Ended up realizing doing a pogo in cowboy boots is dangerous to the guy next to you.  And ran my record to 7-0-0 this year, plus the final two matches I went to last year, so it has been a while since I saw the boys lose.

On to the quarters.  I know where I will be on or about March 12-14 next year.