Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Minions Watching Mariners

Seattle Mariners 4
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 8
October 1, 2012 - Seattle, WA - Safeco Field
AL Regular Season

When someone says, "Hey, we are going to take a group of you to a game."  I reply, "Awesome. Thanks." And then I try to go.

So, thank you to the Emerald City Comicon for taking us Minions out to the ballgame.

It was sort of awesome to see King Felix pitch in October ... I know.

But, King's Court seemed smaller than lately and simultaneously seemed bigger than the rest of the crowd.  This was bad 1980 something Kingdome crowd small.  The announced crowd in the box score is 13k+ but I have to imagine that is tickets sold and not butts in seats.  It was sort of depressing to think I went to a Spring Training game a couple years ago with a similar crowd.

The M's have a really good group of young players.  I really think this group has earned the right to see what it can do over the next year or two.  Let's hope that works out.

This is the last game I will see with the field looking like that.  The fences are moving in and that means some other changes in the outfield to accomodate.  It's overall a good thing, I think.

The Angels had their season end during the game in the sense that they were eliminated. 

Are they the "Los Angeles Angels" of Anaheim or the Los Angeles "Angels of Anaheim"? 

The pic is the game's first pitch with King Felix throwing to Trout.