Saturday, October 20, 2012

Working on my formula

And so, the new (recently purchased used on eBay at a reasonable price and brought home from post office to immediately use) Turkish Coffee pot (a Cezve)  is now in use.

Made it really weak once.

Made it intentionally stronger the next two cups.

Both weaker and stronger are good.

Just need to work on the exact formula for sweetness and strength.

First, bring water and sugar to a boil together.

Then, add very finely ground coffee with a small amount of Cardamom until it foams.  This happens quickly and you take it off the heat once or twice to bring back to a foam.

Pour.  Let sit for a couple minutes as the grounds need to settle.

Drink really good coffee.

It's not exactly hard work, but in the end, I will come up with exactly the formula I need to make an awesome cup.