Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Upon further reflection ... in re old posts

Upon further reflection ...

I have recently commented on Lance and his admissions and in the past about roids and reports that dealt with testimony over tests.  In the end I prefer tests, but if guys are fessing up, let the consequences follow.

LBJ - I once wrote that when he joined the he was choosing to not be the guy and he became the guy anyways. Somehow the way things played out is that it became his team and he elevated his game to rair air sort of territory and became likable again in the process.  Nothing quite like a little humility to humanize a guy and bring him back to where his talent is taking him.

I said OKC would never win in the NBA in a bitter and lengthy series of posts.  Then KD re-signed. Levels and levels of bitter and wrong. I did say 2014 would be more important and big picture and that is correct, Sorry Sacramento, but Clay would be there now trying to take them because the problem is the ownership group not you.

The Seahawks needed a QB and should draft one.  I thought Sanchez was a good choice and his career got off to a nice start before completely derailing. I really thought Pete was a horrible choice. Then, we did not really notice when they grabbed a guy in the third round.  Awesome choices that worked out and problems solved.

I have drank the Ms Cool Aid a few times and maybe things will turn out in 13 post-Ichiro as I am optimistic about the direction again.

Old links really are expiring.  All links on the internet are subject to change without notice.

Sunil is on the hook now.  Completely. He got his guy and removed a reasonably effective guy in the process.  It's on you now dude.

I have railed that Lucas, Miller, and Lost all jumped the shark and that sequels and prequels and adaptations are no longer nearly as interesting for me. Disney cannot do worse with the Lucas material than Lucas has been for the past 20 years.