Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Sounders Istanbul Moment

Seattle Sounders FC 3
UANL Tigres 1
CCL Quarterfinals Second Leg
March 12, 2013

These are the notes on the Sounders Istanbul Moment I finally got around to typing up and posting.

I could not decide which song was more fun to sing Born In 1974 or We've Got The Biggest Johnson In The League.

I find it aerobic to do late game pogo.

I stood next to a guy that brings lozenges as a vocal prophylactic and by the second half took him up on having one.

I was very wrong about the touch of Yedlin, although in the first half it seemed a bit off on the overlap and rushed he really came through in the 2nd.

Traore played for Liverpool in Istanbul.  His shot looked to be going over and just dipped under.

I got downtown and marched, with really good timing to head to the stadium with the ECS.

I normally do not sit at the low angle, but all four goals were right in front of me.

Best post game comment overheard. "I will see you Saturday. I'll be drunk."

I was standing on the rail at the end, but I was okay with being thrown out at that point.  I still hopped down when asked, but there was a moment where I thought it might be worth it.