Monday, March 25, 2013

ECCC 2013 - Stories are better than autographs

Emerald City Comicon
March 1-3, 2013

Leading into this year my personal situation was frantic, plus I got sick.  I seriously was about to bail, but stepped out the door anyways.

My minion job is a good one, and even though it is given a name and whatnot, it really only works because of the people around me.  Given that on top of everything else my cat Tiger passed away mid con, I am fortunate I work with so many great people.

So, instead of a huge write up, I have some short notes and can expand the stories as people ask me.

Day 0 ... sick, lozenges, met new minions, set up, and Jennie with Obby talking about shotguns.

Day 1 ...  here they come, but only half the celebs, WaRP, Jennie gave me vitamins, Bacon Doobage

Day 2 ... Tiger, Teammates, Picard, Rooker & Donuts

Day 3 ... Team hug and huggable, Bacon picture, the cart, Park, David and after seeing Marian Call

My Core Team time has passed.  My job is more operations and fresh blood is good.  Things change, and I might just buy a ticket next year anyways.