Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Little Fuzzy Dude

RIP 2003 - March 1, 2013

This is going to haunt me. I will always know I should have taken him to the vet. It's something I am very much ashamed of.  He deserved better and his 5-7 more years I thought he would have.  I knew something was very wrong or I would not have gone home.  I focused on his eating and litter box and failed to see he was not drinking either. Maybe he would have passed on and the vet would have told me it was necessary.  Maybe an antibiotic or something.  Maybe just more water in the event he was dehydrating.

Maybe, I will never know.  But, he could have, he at least could have.  That could have is all on me.

And so, I miss my little fuzzy dude.