Thursday, September 10, 2015

I am suddenly faced with a branding choice

I have been using the name Keeper Studios for about two decades now. During that time my email and previous web presence has used that name.

Today, I went to create a new Twitter account for it and found out it is already in use and that there is an Irish company using it too.  Apparently, it gaming related.

I have also been mostly using the ShotgunProse name a lot, not merely in this blog, but as another email and the @shotgunprose Twitter and Instagram accounts, along with a Facebook page.

There is a new site in progress for near future launch to be a catch all and business presence for my writings and creative endeavors.  I was about to go and register a domain name for Keeper Studios, but that is already taken.

So, I really see no reason to get into any sort of a fight over it, I could just move everything to the ShotgunProse brand or I could create an entirely new one. The choices are pretty straight forward and the benefits and drawbacks are fairly clear to me.

Future posting will announce what that choice turns out to be.