Wednesday, September 09, 2015

The Truth (or not) In Retrospect

Dear Mr. Gaiman,

A few years ago at EMP you stepped in for Harlan Ellison.  During a break I took the opportunity to step up and make a comment, shake your hand, and get a picture.  During our brief exchange I mentioned I had recently re-watched Neverwhere, and you commented back about your Dr. Who episode and how the BBC had done a wonderful and even better job.  I looked you in the eye at your question and agreed with you.  This was not true.

Having been told that time is wibbly wobbly or something, I decided that it could be that I was not lying, but was in fact telling the truth out of order.

I had not watched Dr. Who at that point.  It was too huge a project and daunting to begin.  So, I eventually dove in starting with the 1996 film and new incarnations forward. On Dec 25th 2014 I finally saw the episode in question.  I enjoyed it. I liked it.  But, I actually still have a bigger place in my heart for the Neverwhere adaptation. So, it appears I was in fact, lying.

So, live in Seattle again this Spring I was going to make a follow up comment. Did not get a chance.  I did mention this to Amanda at a book signing and she laughed about it.