Tuesday, September 08, 2015

There are holes and gaps in this blog

There are times when I have a love hate relationship with this blog, social media, and the internet in general.

So, for a while now there have been minimal posts, the occasional big update, and what not.

Basically, at this point I am trying to keep this more up to date.  Check @shotgunprose on the Twitter and Instagrams to really see a lot.

My soccer writing for ProstAmerika is usually linked really well on the Twitter, with @goalieguys being a thing that goes with that now.

The Twitter feed links to the book of faces, but I really don't do much with that site other than that there are some useful aspects to having it.

In the near future I will be launching a new version of the Keeper Studios on a new site to replace the long gone one.  I might also be snagging the shotgunprose domain name too.

Time will tell. The current plan is to use this more again, it is now almost a decade old in this form.