Friday, September 04, 2015

ProstAmerika has been a great experience

Back in the day ... I was a rock journalist.

I spent a fair amount of time late 1989 through mid 1991 writing a number of pieces on a little local band named Alice In Chains.

Starting in December 1989 when I saw them play the CUB Ballroom at WSU as a still unsigned band through Seattle gigs and a record release party at the Seattle Aquarium, I had the good fortune to bear witness to that emergence and speak at length with members of the band.

For the past year or so I have been working with ProstAmerika covering the Seattle Reign FC. I have not had this interesting an experience hold my attention with people interesting to cover and report on since those days of yore.

ProstAmerika Women Section

Click on the above link and you will find many of my pieces listed under Coach's Corner.  My colleague Vanya Tucherov has been a wonderful partner in this endeavor.  Our new joint Twitter feed is @goalieguys (a nickname given to us by two of the Reign FC's goalkeepers Haley Kopmeyer and Caroline Stanley).