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Cascadia Cup 2007 Final ...

Cascadia Cup 2007 Final ...

Seattle Sounders vs. Portland Timbers
08.01.2007 Seattle, WA - Qwest Field

The match had the potential to be the Cascadia Cup Final, but only if the Sounders won … then it would not be the Cascadia Cup Final, even though if the other games turned out certain ways a loss or tie by the Sounders might still have been enough. The win simplifies things very nicely. So, since the Sounders won, the match becomes known as the 2007 Cascadia Cup Final retroactively, which is nice.

I made a lot of notes about this game - the minute by minute kind – but those notes really don’t translate well as I have looked over them. So, instead of doing my play by play I will summarize and use some of the observations.

The Sounders were simply the better team on the night. Seattle created better chances, looked steadier on the back line, played with a better sense of urgency even when ahead, and deserved to win. When you don’t settle back into a defensive shell until roughly the 86th minute when up 2-0 I can respect that. Even then, the Sounders countered and tried for an exclamation point third goal.

Random observations:
- A kid was wearing a Beckham LA Galaxy jersey, a guy was wearing a #23 Levesque San Jose Earthquakes jersey, and two guys were wearing Sunderland jerseys of all things … along with the usual assortment of Barcelona, Real, Brazil, and other big name team colors on display … but the Chivas jerseys were conspicuous by their absolute absence.
- I can’t believe I got a shot of the 2nd goal as it happened.
- Kenji’s throw ins bring back the memory of the “Jason Dunn with the throw in!” excited PA announcer in 94 in the Tacoma Dome that made me and my brother laugh … a nice weapon to have though.
- How exactly did Kevin Sakuda get to 100 straight starts? Impressive …
- Portland waited until after the 80th minute to make their final two subs, even though the 2nd goal was in the 68th minute.
- Watching your team with the ball in stoppage time and making the other team chase while nursing a lead is one of my favorite things in all of sports.
- I won a 25$ gift cert to FX … and I really don’t watch The Simpson’s.
- It was good to see Danny Jackson get back in a game, even though I saw Taylor Graham with an ice pack on his ankle on the screen.
- They really need to stop announcing “The official time is now being kept on the field” when it is ALWAYS that the official time is being kept on the field. People know what stoppage time is.

Upon further review, both goals were even more impressive on video.

On the ECS vs. TA rivalry:

I have never much understood the reasons for the rivalry being so bitter until last night. Yes, I have seen a few of the TA members come over and stir up trouble, but that seems more like a couple of bad apples. I cannot stand the use of “scum” as in “Portscum” or “Scum South” in that they both just seem forced and childish. HOWEVER … after sitting near the TA for a good portion of the match I have to admit I gained a new insight into some of the issues. Sure, they travel a large group and are really, really loud. In fact, the TA was louder than the ECS for most of the match as I sat near both groups for stretches of the game. Sure, they get the sort of acknowledgement from their team before the game that every team should give their traveling supporters. But … the constant F bombs in the songs and the shrill heckling when losing is really a negative reflection on the whole group. (When I have sat in Husky Stadium watching the Cougs lose to the Dawgs in the Apple Cup I continued to cheer for the Cougs when they make good plays and to try and come back, but the trash talking stops when the game is decided and Wazzu is losing and I am in Husky Stadium.) There is a time to stand and cheer and trash talk, it just isn’t late in a game your team has been soundly handled in while the clock ticks down. When your team is losing you don’t have to be silent, but you do have to be smarter than to refer to the forward on the other team that cut through your defense as something other than $#!+ …

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