Thursday, June 24, 2010

Also, Since I Am Not In Cape Town

My trip to World Cup USA 94.

06-19-94 Rose Bowl – Sweden 2 Cameroon 2

I went to SoCal for a week in 1994 and saw two first round matches. The first match was Cameroon v Sweden and the 2nd was USA v Colombia. I was so paranoid about LA traffic and parking that I left several hours early for the Cameroon versus Sweden game and ended up being something like the 4th person through the gates into a stadium that seats over 90,000 ...

It was not strictly speaking a soccer only road trip. During the week there was a trip to Catalina Island, a day at Disneyland, a game in Anaheim between the Mariners and Angels, and a bunch of time in the sun. At the time I was still pretty much newly married and about to get ready for my move to Pullman to be an assistant coach for goalkeepers for the Women's Soccer program at my Alma Mater, Washington State University.

06-22-94 Rose Bowl – USA 2 Colombia 1

One of the things I noticed when I dug out these ticket stubs was the per game price. I pretty much pay for the cheap seats to just about everything and each of these games from 16 years ago is more than I have paid for a ticket to any sporting event before or since. It makes me cringe to think about what tickets to future world cups will cost.