Wednesday, June 30, 2010

EMP picked my photos

EMP recently selected several of my photos as part of their Taking Aim: Unforgettable Rock 'n' Roll Photographs display. Some of these pics have been on this blog before, but I thought it would be fun to put them together into one post with the captions that run with them on the EMP site.

Alice in Chains at the CUB Ballroom in Pullman, WA on 12/1/89 as a still unsigned band at a show at Wazzu in late 1989.

The Downstrokes at Fun House Seattle on 12/20/09. This was the second show ever for this local outfit. They were nervous and excited and starting their second or third song and things were going well, you can see their excitement in their body language, I think.

LSDiablo at Tony V's Garage in Everett, WA on 4/17/09. Local metal outfit LSDiablo playing a club show. I like how all three guitarists are so focused in this picture.

The Wrecked Chords at The Tiger Lounge in Seattle in August of 2009. With a guest on guitar for this song at an outdoor record release show. Basically, I just like the energy of this photo.

Chris DeGarmo of Queensryche at the Tower Records in Bellevue, WA in May of 1988 at an Operation:Mindcrime release signing ... people lined up down NE 8th for some distance for this.

Forced Entry (Summer 1988) played me a couple songs at the infamous Chicken Coup rehearsal space while I was taking down into and taking pics for a fanzine of that era.

Maus from Lacuna Coil (5/29/07) at El Corazon in Seattle. Shortly after this photo I caught the pick he used on the final song and encore, Our Truth. An Ozzfest mainstage band in a small club was a real treat and a sweltering room from a heatwave made this show memorable for me.

Cristina Scabbia and Maus of Lacuna Coil (5/29/07) at El Corazon in Seattle. I had seen then in two short sets in previous Ozzfests but decided to work my way to the front at El Corazon for this headline set. Fantastic live band.