Sunday, June 06, 2010

You Say You Want A Revolution

Seattle Sounders FC 3
New England Revolution 0
June 5, 2010 - Seattle, WA
X-Box Pitch at Qwest Field

In a game that really wasn't even as close as 3-0 ... the Sounders outshot the Revs something like 19-2 and scored early and often in the first half. The second half became a party where late in the game Freddie jogged from one end to the other in front of the crazies, slapped hands with the other Fredy in front of the goal and applauded the crowd before taking the corner. It was that kind of night.

This was the 50th Sounders match (in various incarnations and of various types) that I have attended at Qwest Field. I picked the correct one.

Keller applauding the crowd behind him prior to kick off was a nice touch. He really, really gets it.

I joked to the guy next to me that having guys with "Alcohol Enforcement" in the ECS section almost made it look like the stadium was making certain everyone was drinking as opposed to being there to throw people out.

It was also nice to see Michelle French get the Golden Scarf.