Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My bartender this morning was Kasey Keller

Algeria 0
St. Andrew's Bar and Grill
Seattle, WA

Dempsey's blood, Donovan's tears, and a massive team effort bring the USA a much, much deserved win to top the table in Group C. No backing in. No tying in. Win the damn third game and take the group when facing elimination. This is sheer #*(%ing joy ...

The Soccer Gods did not seem to be smiling upon us yet again, and so The Yanks took matters into their own hands and won it anyway. Star players are stars because they make the big plays at crucial times in big games. Landon Donovan should be SI Sportsman of the Year at this point.

Chris had made a point mere minutes earlier about how good the Brazil team is at following shots. I made a point about how their keeper was acrobatic but had no hands ... we should be in the booth on ESPN.

I commented on this blog nearly four years ago about how Bradley was "not a bad choice per se ..." but really was not that excited about it. He has done a great job and deserves kudos galore for creating a team atmosphere that seems to be so positive. I imagine France would not mind a coach like that right now.

Since I was not in South Africa, a 6:30AM trip to a Scottish pub by Greenlake in Seattle with an old chum and a large group of new friends - with Kasey Keller behind the bar no less - was a fantastic atmosphere. 20 years ago the USA supporters section may not have had more fans in it in Rome than this one bar had in Seattle this morning. It was a lonely experience being a USA fan back then - this is better. I lost my voice cheering for a game in a different hemisphere when we scored the goal.

An additional shout out to Chris and me mum for helping out when I was a moron at 6:30AM and left my keys on the seat of my car ... I am not a morning person.

I debated whether or not to take the urinal photo or not, but decided I had to when I realized the photo facing me was when Celtic won the European Cup. It simply came down to the point where it had to be taken and posted here.

Oh, and Kasey seems to do a really nice job behind the bar, just saying.