Sunday, September 24, 2006

Big Crimson Wazzu Bedroom Slippers

Several months ago I had one of those truly awful mornings where nothing would go right.

- The shower was cold.
- I cut myself shaving.
- I was out of bananas.
- The dog ran off.
- My lunch was made but was left just sitting there on the counter.
- I was running late for work and pulled into the driveway realizing the previous about my lunch.

But, really, none of those were the worst of it. No. I would have to say the worst of it was in the moments just AFTER I realized that my lunch was sitting on the counter since I can buy a school lunch for only a couple bucks. See, in the time I spent chasing my favorite little white fluffy doggie Dasher around to get my hands around her scrawny little neck I never completed one fairly important aspect of professional dress. I looked down and realized that although I was wearing a nice button up shirt and slacks, I was also wearing my big crimson Wazzu bedroom slippers that I had slipped into to chase after Dasher with when she decided to become the mighty, might squirrel hunter she has always aspired to be.

There was no time to turn around. So, I went in ...

... the secretary didn't say anything ...

... and it was third period before any students noticed.

This morning, not hungover (but clearly happy the Cougs trounced Stanford yesterday on the road- GO COUGS!), I caught myself on the stairs getting ready to run grocery shopping wearing the slippers ... so I went in and changed.

At least this time they would have matched the sweatshirt I was wearing ....


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