Saturday, September 23, 2006

Recent Random Thoughts ....

Recent Random Thoughts

Computers are literal, very literal. They are precise, very precise. Most people are not literal or precise, very not literal and very not precise. It’s our fault when things don’t work, not the computer. Close enough is not good enough ….

I can no longer reasonably list myself as a blonde on my driver’s license.

I have still never read Lord of the Rings. Azul, stop it. I can feel your squinchy faced glare right now ….

When George W. Bush says he wants unity, he really is telling people to shut up and give him his way. He has long since proven to be incapable of reflection and compromise.

We now know what it would have been like if something would have happened to George H.W. Bush and Dan Quayle had become president.

Making sure your vote won’t count is a truly stupid protest.


potential ad for Matchmaker/CDS, Inc. *

Attention Microsoft Millionaires and others with something called disposable income …

- are you an indie movie fan?
- Do you have 50-100k to invest in an indie movie project?
- Please check out movies like Clerks, Slacker, The Brothers McMullen, the Blair Witch Project, etc … and see how an indie film can do the festival circuit and lead to something ….

Writer/director has project needing funds. Will utilize local haunts and actors. Project is a romantic comedy of sorts.

* Matchmaker is a project I have been working on for some time about a dating service of sorts for celebrities.

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