Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We have a winner! Freddie is a Sounder!

Freddie Ljungberg is a Seattle Sounder ... holey moley Andy!

The signing of new #10 Freddie Ljungberg is a huge moment for Seattle soccer. What we have is an organization that clearly is not interested in doing things that are safe or cautious. Seattle Sounders FC will be an expansion team, whether it feels like it or not. They have the right and opportunity to take their time. A big name signing can only have one of two results; be a huge success, or be deemed a complete failure. There simply is no middle ground in this manner. Two years from now I will look back on this evening at Qwest Field and it will be one of those two things. I am choosing to be hopeful and positive and am going to drink the Kool Aid right now though, and say it looks brilliant from where I was standing.

It is refreshing and almost stunning to listen to Joe Roth talk about big things for a team yet to have a practice ...

Or to have enough signed players to field a team.

Or to have a coach.

Or to play a game.

And yet, there we were singing "There's only one Freddie Ljungberg!" for Swedish television like he had already scored a game winning goal against DC United or FC Dallas or whoever.

It feels good to just enjoy this.

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