Thursday, October 20, 2011

Flying burgers at the new Edmonds Dick's grand opening

Dick's Drive In Edmonds Grand Opening

Like manna from heaven, a Dick's cheeseburger fell from the sky and struck me in the heart.

Really, about 15 minutes after starting to serve burgers, about a dozen bags were lobbed into the crowd by Dick's employees and one hit me in the chest. I removed the burger, held it up in triumph, and skedaddled. This also led to me being quoted in the Everett Herald.

But, let's backtrack.

I decided to go and wait in line. Part of me thought I should get there really early, but I ran a few errands first and got there about 2:20PM, just in time for a parking spot.

So, I got in line ... and here's the thing about lines, people will get in them when they see them and they are clearly marked. People WILL stand in them. The one big mistake made during the opening? They screwed up the line when they had one and turned it into a mob. There was a nice line through the parking lot and down onto the sidewalk on 99. But, at 3, instead of having the line move in, they merely dropped the premise of a line and had people move forward. As a result, all the early arrivals got munched in with the later arrivals and it was simply a mob. The mob looked great on camera, but it contributed to the wait. This was a mistake from a customer service standpoint. (Sidebar, the next day lines were in place ...)

However, this was more about the event than the wait, or even the burgers. It is fun to go to these things, to say, "I was there."

Apparently, this was six weeks early. The building was completed early, meaning the opening was early, meaning the date had been fluid.

Oh, I see my friends and others posting serious posts on Facebook all the time with little response, I post pics and comments from being in line and the comments and likes take off. The lesson here ... social media is more about fun than politics.