Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lippincott redux

In 1995 I was provided with the opportunity to present an entire novel to a publisher after an initial submission. I found that my writing process of the time where I would outline a novel, write the first few chapters, and then submit was looking like it might work.

I took the first few chapters, cranked out a 300 page rough draft in a few weeks, got it all typed up, and sent it off.

Lippincott is still unpublished.

The disks with the originally typed draft exist and i managed to get them converted so that process does not need to be repeated.

Years later, after looking at it from time to time I decided it was time to dust off this Salem Witch Trials Urban Fantasy and give it another go round. Part of this stems from my frustration in losing a notebook, part of it is because it just bugs me that I do not have this material completed the way I think it should be. I guess that makes me a bit like George Lucas.

There are a few people reading the old material and I am taking notes to expand the fantasy element while still trying to keep it grounded.

As part of this revival, I am also looking at a couple old projects that were in the same state back in the day. I think it is time to really crank on this stuff and see about where some of these projects can go.