Friday, October 28, 2011

I was caller number 3

World Series 2011

There are currently 8 teams in the MLB post-season. I will not go into a rant here on tradition or expansion of the playoffs.

I was listening to KJR on the way home from TKB one eve and as I stopped for tacos I heard Elise mention that there was a contest for free pizza based upon the MLB playoffs. I called. I actually got through. I was caller 3 so I would get the third pick from the eight teams to see if I could win some pizza.

The wait wasn't too long. Of course, Philly and Detroit went one and two. No surprises.

The question for me then would be Cardinals, Yankees, Rangers, Brewers, Rays, or Diamondbacks. Using the simple theory that hot teams are a good playoff choice I went with the Cardinals. Plus, they have a veteran manager, a true number one starter, and the best player in baseball in a contract year. I had witnessed the Rangers offense in person, and considered the veteran Yankees, while the others I could not take seriously

The Cardinals had to play the Phillies in the first round, they won. Best team in NL? Gone.

The Cardinals had to play the Brewers in the NLCS, they won. Best home team in Baseball? Gone.

The Cardinals had to play the Rangers in the World Series. And, even though a wild card the Cardinals got home field due to the odd All Star Game rule (a rant for another day), meaning this time it would be in my favor.

When it became clear that the World Series would go at least 6, the home field seemed like it would be a factor.

Game 6 had me thinking it would not happen, then the great finish to force a game 7 had me rethinking my Friday night to watch.

So ... as the newest fan of the Cardinals, I thank them for the awesome pizza I will soon be eating.