Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Geekiest stuff

Magic backback

On 10-9 I went with Sammy to GeekGirlCon and got the chance to learn magic late in the day at one of the booths.

The game has always been intimidating, but I took time to learn a bit at the con. Playing once at lunch with a 6th grader hardly counts as having played the game much before.

As a result of taking the time, I won the backpack.

Recently, I wore it to school; drooling kids and a teacher jealously calling me a nerd was kind of an interesting response. Cool backpack for the win!

If I didn't need a backpack, I would not necessarily have chosen it as a prize and I might not have ever tried the single strap style. Fortunately, I like it ....

Wearing the magic backpack is now one of the geekiest things I have ever done and made me think of some other. Here's a quick list of recent geekiest stuff ...

1) Lying to Neil Gaiman at EMP in re Doctor Who

2) Chanting "So say we all!" with EJO at EMP 2010

3) Asking Spike and Data "if it ever gets old?" about hot girls at ECCC 2011

4) Trying to sneak a pic of Spock at ECCC 2010 and being scolded for it

5) Telling Joe Roth my 1990 story about seeing his film on a plane

6) figuring out if Clive was still answering my Q with Ron in 07 at Third Place Books

7) Discussing WM19 matches with Chris Jericho 2007

8) Wil Wheaton fist bump 2011