Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Recent solid local police work

I pulled up to the light as the second car back in the left middle lane of four.

The light had just turned red.

There was a police like light flashing in my rear view.

I glanced to my left to see the third car back in the left turn lane being boxed in by a police car behind it and a police car on the other side of the barrier in the other direction.

The officer from the other direction quickly emerged from his car and approached the driver.

The rear vehicle officer had not yet emerged.

The vehicle driver had no where to go, but he tried anyways.

It appeared he was looking to get out of his vehicle towards the passenger side, but the officer had reached in and grabbed him, causing him to emerge from the vehicle.

The driver attempted to keep going, possible over the hood of the police car, but the officer kept hold of his arm and pulled him around to pin him to his car, quickly cuffing him.

The officer in the rear car was emerging from his vehicle.

The entire exchange lasted a few seconds at most.

The light turned green and I drove off.