Monday, October 31, 2011

Han Solo costume

to co blog with Carly

It was Geek Night Out and Carly and I were strolling along looking at Star Wars props, costumes, and models when she made the observation, "Leia's costume for guys, Han's for girls."

Han fired first.

I commented, "I think I need to go as him for Halloween then."
Carly, something to the effect of, "You will get laid."

Last Spring on Community, Abed in Han mode got Annie all hot and bothered ...

Han Fired First.

One of us suggested to co-blog, probably Carly. I might have said I would write about it first, who knows. I do not remember. Not gonna happen due to time constraints and forgetting.

So ... it seemed time to get a good Han costume together, but really again not enough time. Maybe some day.

Han Fired First.

This year ... that's MISTER Smarty Pants, thank you very much.