Monday, September 24, 2012

It still means volunteer

Over the past few years I have given a good deal of time in both paid and unpaid (read volunteer) capacities to various events.  When I look to do up my resume to account for these events I came up with the notion of "Professional Event Volunteer (TM)" to indicate that this is one particular skill set and that I should place that skill set as an umbrella over the collective events.

I post this here in order to place one giant disclaimer to the part that reads "Professional" and the part that read "Volunteer" and how those two things work together so as to not hypothetically violate any tax or labor laws for the events or for me. The word professional does not require payment for services as it is also an indicator in our language of a standard of quality.  I bring a professional standard of quality to the events I work whether I am being paid or giving my hours as a volunteer.  The slogan or catch phrase I am trademarking here is only used under that premise, and really should be protected under free speech anyway.

It would be sort of awesome to live in a disclaimer free world.  I should trademark that too ... "Disclaimer Free World (TM)"