Sunday, September 23, 2012

Of Course She Is

Formal Tolo 1985 I went with a girl a grade younger than me that was in my accounting class and also a soccer player like me.  Nice girl.  Bright.  Cute. Nice evening.  Only time we ever went out.

Over the years I have caught up with a lot of old friends, but never heard of or from her. Bearing in mind she was from another class that is not entirely surprising since we would be in different reunion pools.

Of course, she is my ex-wife's neighbor and mother of one of my son's best friends and teammates.

Of course, I would discover this during the 4th quarter on a Friday night during a football game when the ex and the tolo date were sitting next to each other and sort of put two and two together and I confirmed it when I went home and dug out the pic and texted it along for confirmation.

Which boy is more horrified is a matter of debate.