Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Maybe you should stretch more

This post is a collection of odd notes and stories that I did not get around to doing anything with over the past few months that I have typed up so as to not lose forever. These were potential Facebook status entries or possible blog posts that never got beyond a line or two.  Every once in a while I do a post like this and here is another one. A few of these might have made it into a substitute teacher related post that i have not done in a while.

If you cannot sing silly opera versions of camp songs with kids then you should not be working with them.

The stream of consciousness some kids speak is awesome.

Usually Guinness to me is a meal, but at one event it was an actual world record attempt. 

No one gets to decide how others look. Holding someone down to cut their hair is assault. 

The rare feats of 2012 in baseball included a Figgins GWRBI. 

With Spain winning the Euro again the USMNT win in the 2009 Confederations Cup looks better every day. Before Euro final I joked that they should just line up for PKs and skip the rest.  No One saw THAT coming. 

Potential David Bowie tribute band name: The Rise and Fall of SYZYGY Stardust. 

I wonder how many people ranting on The Internets actually took the time to read the SCOTUS ruling on health care. It's not that big a document not that tough a read to follow since it turns out Justice Roberts writes really clearly. Just do not impose the tax in 2014 if you have the votes.  Just saying. 

"Dude, are you drinking coconut water?" said one young man to another as they exited the QFC.  I cannot adequately describe the shock/condescension in the tone of voice in type. I recently have tried coconut water when it was what was available and ... it's tolerable.

If I am sick pass the plate for research, not for any other group. 

I know I probably misheard, but it sounded like "Jesus on Astroturf" during that song.

There I was up in the tubes with all the 5 and 6 year olds at a play place.  This is a place I am not designed to fit into.  One little boy, bless his heart, squeezes down next to me as I am slowly working my way through and asks, deadly serious like, "You okay? Maybe you should stretch more?"