Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Whiskey is a great intro

So there I was making bacon at a party.  Yes, "making bacon" was my role. I embraced it.  But, my hands were sort of bacon grease covered and it was making it hard to do much of anything else.

In walk many people to the kitchen, but since people are coming and going and I am cooking bacon it is all sort of a visual white noise.

I turn and place the bacon plate on the counter and realize a woman is standing right there.  I do not bump into her or drop the plate, but as I am setting it down I realize that she is very close to me and a bottle is coming up towards my face.

"Thirsty?" (I am paraphrasing because her exact wording is not relevant or available from my memory)

I do not actually respond, but I open my mouth and a half shot or so of Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey is poured directly into my mouth.

Good whiskey.

That was her hello.

A fella can fall in love in a situation like that pretty darn easy.