Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Paint Me Like

A week or two ago in my martial arts class a few of us guys totally finished off and destroyed one of the heavy bags.  It became entertaining and has happened a number of times and we are developing a bit of a reputation for it.

After class we posed with it as a group like we were big game hunters.  It's a fun group pic.  I also was screwing around and posed on the broken bag like I was a calendar model.  After weighing the pros and cons I went ahead and posted the pic on Facebook knowing that some of my friends are smartasses and would have some fun.  I can laugh at myself so I went with it. 

Not long after the pic was posted a friend of mine from the martial arts school posted this doctored up version.  It is so awful that it is awesome.

Fast forward a few days and I actually make it to sparring class.  The meme perpetrator is there and I believe I kind of made him nervous being there so soon after he posted the above meme.

I would never intentionally injure anyone.  Sparring is about skill and control and never should be for anything other than testing one's self.  However, it is also supposed to be fun, so having a little fun with my friend and then posing for the below "after" picture is a nice little punch line to the entire situation.