Thursday, September 06, 2012

Suntory Time is coming ...

I loved the movie Lost In Translation and recommended it to a friend. As a result, my buddy Jorge and I have used "Suntory Time!" as a greeting and voice mail message for the past few years.  We have looked into getting some Suntory as well. However, only a few stores in Seattle carried it and I have never quite prioritized it enough to do much more than a Google search.  Recently, I went to a couple contract liquor stores and checked with a few grocery stores about it, leading to finally finding it and getting a smidge of sticker shock.

Then, just the other day my mother drops an empty bottle on my lap she got for 50 cents at a garage sale, correctly remembering I was looking for Suntory.

Sadly, the bottle was already empty.

Suntory time needs to happen, but there needs to be some actual disposable income first.