Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sports fan to do list

As this blog so clearly makes obvious, I love lists.

As I compiled and worked with old lists for Oxymoron and this blog I made some checklists.  So, I now have a to do or bucket list as a sports fan.  This is not one of those "Go to a Super Bowl" unrealistic list thing.  This is something I can realistically control and accomplish over a reasonable period of time.

I have had the great opportunity to be there at World Cups, a Final Four, etc ... but this is more a practical list of seeing games and teams and leagues and sports as a spectator at least once in various capacities. I would also love to see games in various stadiums, but that might just be another post since I do someday want to see games in various new and classic stadiums. I also want to see a Seattle U game at the Key with Jorge while he is in grad school there, that sort of thing.

Teams and Leagues to do to complete or see once:

MLS - Montreal Impact is the only team I have not seen.  I did not see the two contracted Florida teams.  I have seen MLS games in other stadiums, but would like to do a SSS tour some day.

MLB - Houston Astros - The week of April 8, 2013 the Astros will be in Seattle for a series as a member of the AL West and I will have seen all teams in MLB.  This list is actually 31 since I saw the Expos and the Nationals both.  I have also seen games in New York and LA in stadiums that are either gone or have since been redone. Fenway and Wrigley are stadiums I must see.

WNBA - Currently completed seeing all 12 teams.  There are some folded teams or relocated teams I did not see.

PAC 12 Football - Utah just joined, but I had already seen Colorado.  This one will be easy over the next couple years either in Pullman or Seattle.

PAC 12 Basketball - Colorado & Utah are teams I have not seen in either men's or women's or other sports.  This will not be too complicated, I just need to do it.

AFC West - Completed seeing all four old Seahawk division rivals, now I need to make a point to see the three NFC rivals.  I have only ever seen 9 of 32 NFL teams so it would not seem likely I would pull off a full 32 any time soon without suddenly getting several years worth of season tickets.

NFC West - Arizona, San Francisco, & St. Louis ... see above.

MLL - Never been and missed a game in Seattle a few years ago.

NHL - Never been, and tickets are hard to get up in Vancouver, but I have only ever made halfhearted attempts.  Almost saw a Coyote game in 2010 but it sold out on me. If Seattle gets a franchise then this is a layup, if not then a preseason or Vancouver trip or a game while in a random city could make this happen.

LFL - Seattle Mist game upcoming will happen, but I think going very often would be sort of creepy at my age.

TNA - Never been to the upstart (but now a decade old) promotion that has only been here in the Seattle area a couple times. Would love to see a ROH card too if the chance came up.

WWE - RAW live would be cool since I have been to Smackdown, Wrestlemania, a different PPV, and a house show.

NLL - Currently have seen a game and there is a local team I need to get around to seeing a game of.  There is a new Arena Football team I need to look into seeing too.

NBA - Many teams to see, but at one point I was close to seeing the entire league when it was at 23.  With all the relocated teams and expansions over the years I need to see about half the league.  It would take a while, but with an actual team in Seattle again at some point I would slowly chip away at this.

CFL - I am finding it hard to believe that I have never made the two hour trek up to see a CFL game with the BC Lions.  This sort of has to happen sooner rather than later.

PCL - I also find it odd that I have never bothered to catch a Tacoma Rainiers game.  Need to have a Tacoma Day where I finally do that and the Point Defiance Zoo.

I would however, love to go to a Super Bowl. Or, see the Cougars in the Rose Bowl. Or, see a game at Anfield ...

These lists could go on and on ...