Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Greater Snohomish County Multiplex Preservation Society

Back in 2006 an old bud of mine was waxing philosophical about the demise of the Grand Cinemas Alderwood. For those blog readers not familiar with the Alderwood Mall region of Lynnwood in Snohomish County in Washington State there is a Kohl's there now.

Basically, he wrote a really amazing piece about it, some others of us chimed in, he got some last minute pics from the inside prior to demolition, and then wrote and performed a song about it.

I made some comments about how we should form "The Greater Snohomish County Multiplex Preservation Society" as part of a reading performance (I instead reviewed the original Red Dawn) during a Paul's Basement event.

The Aurora Village theater (and the stupid stuff we did there) and the Aurora Cinemas (where I saw Return of the Jedi on opening day after school) are long gone.  Combine that with the huge and also demolished old Northgate Theater and my childhood movie experience places are all gone now.

Fast forward to this past week and another of our childhood theaters has been demolished ... goodbye Lynn Four. You sucked.  The sounds from one theater could overwhelm another next to it with paper thin walls.  But, we miss you nonetheless.