Sunday, January 21, 2007

Comic Book Projects (aka The 90's) ...

Comic Book Projects (aka The 90's)

Back in the 1990's I spent a fair amount of my creative efforts working on breaking into the comic book industry. Since my artistic skills are a bit laking in regards to character drawing I worked with a number of artists to create characters and develop projects.

Hurricane Studios was one such project. We produced a bunch of material collectively, but given the glut and collapse of the comic book market during that time we were never really going to have much of a chance. "Spare" was a project that came from this endeavor, and there is a fully inked and lettered story I could post on here.

I later (circa 97-98) began working under the banner of Keeper Studios in order to differentiate my own materials.

JD Solo was actually a collaboration with a guy I never met in person and only spoke to on the phone once. It also was due to be published in an anthology series through a small press publisher that went out of business during the previously mentioned comic book market collapse. There is actually an 8 page first story fully inked and lettered that I may scan and post on here at some point.

The other projects that I am posting on here are concepts I worked up but never got to finish or completely turn into fully inked and lettered panel to panel comic stories.

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