Friday, January 19, 2007

It was either that or "Buddy" ...

It was either that or "Buddy" ...

Back when he was in the White House Bill Clinton got a dog, he named him "Buddy". I can remember the goofy dumb grin on his face when he announced the dog's name, like it was something so cool ... and I remember thinking that the Ivy League and Oxford didn't change the fact that he was a redneck at heart.

Well, 16 years ago today (give or take a couple days but I think I am right) I got a little pet too. Of course, mine was a turtle. I was in school in Spokane at the time and decided to get the turtle, I had wanted one for a while and was living alone. A fellow classmate helped me set up the tank and get it all together (he had a pet ball python) so it was kind of cool.

Then it came time to name him, or her (we figured out it was a her by the under shell) and since we had been listening to Buddy Holly it became Holly as the name. I believe for a little while we did call her Buddy, but it passed. The other option was Harry or Sally since we had just watched that movie on video. A turtle named "Harry"? That would have been funny had she been a he.

Well, Holly still is in the tank living her little turtle life. She has been back and forth across the mountains a couple times, lived with friends and relatives for short periods, and even spent some time in a greenhouse, but there she is. For whatever reason she will freak out for everyone else, but when I put my face up close she mellows. I believe that she is now the pet I have had the longest, as Raffles died just prior to turning 16.

Now, I just have to keep Tiger off the tank.

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